Composer Feature

Liz Johnson – Composer Feature

Liz Johnson was born on the south coast of England and started composing seriously in her mid-30s when she took a ‘year out’ from her school classroom-teaching job to do a Masters in composition at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. She was encouraged not to go back to the day job, and has had an amazing… Continue reading Liz Johnson – Composer Feature

Composer Feature

Inti Figgis-Vizueta – Composer Feature

Inti Figgis-Vizueta is a non-binary Latinx/Quechua experimental composer from Washington, D.C. They strive to create works that emphasize the performer’s perceptions and physical self, focusing on instructional music. Through the integration of intersectional and liberation principles into the compositional process, Inti believes the subversive barriers between composer, player, and audience can be broken down, promoting… Continue reading Inti Figgis-Vizueta – Composer Feature

Composer Feature

Kristina Warren – Composer Feature

Kristina Warren is an acoustic and multimedia composer, improviser, and researcher based in Providence RI. Here's what she has to say about her piece, For soloist and any number of musicians: "My work takes many forms- from building and performing with unique analog/digital instruments, to composing for and with acoustic chamber ensembles - but generally highlights… Continue reading Kristina Warren – Composer Feature

Composer Feature

Emily Koh – Composer Feature

Emily is one of the composers we selected from our call for scores and we're thrilled to be performing her piece, Synpunkt. Emily is a Singaporean composer whose music is concerned with inner architectures, and characterized by inventive timbral explorations. In addition to writing concert music, she is interested in inter-disciplinary collaborations with other creatives where sound… Continue reading Emily Koh – Composer Feature