Composer Feature

Kristina Warren – Composer Feature

Kristina Warren is an acoustic and multimedia composer, improviser, and researcher based in Providence RI.

Here’s what she has to say about her piece, For soloist and any number of musicians:

“My work takes many forms- from building and performing with unique analog/digital instruments, to composing for and with acoustic chamber ensembles – but generally highlights individual and collective acts of listening and making noise. With text scores, I’m fascinated by the convergence between notation and performance trace. In typical staff-notated music, the score is important, but ultimately it’s the performed sound that defines the music. By contrast, For soloist… *is* a text score. In other words, this is a conceptual and gestural approach to sound, with lots of freedom but still some particular limitations resulting from the text conditions.”

We selected her piece For soloist, from our call for scores and we’ve been having a great time rehearsing it.

For soloist and any number of musicians, a text score, consists of several phrases, which double as lyrical/gestural inspiration for the vocalist, and listening-action conditions for the other players:
river running over the moor
ridge exceeding the scar
arm being underneath the quiet
one person being diligent
listener looking bored
the time being long
getting twangier
bellowing (really bellowing)
another being vigilant
going easy
The openness of this piece, in terms of what sorts of gestures or phrases we could map to the instructions, led us to focus and talk about how to move through the piece. How do we respond to the instructions? What is the meaning of “arm being underneath the quiet?” The result is an ever-changing, fluid performance that we’re excited to share with the audience.
Make sure to come check it out, Feb. 18 at Trinity Episcopal in Toledo!

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